Pecan Lake Farm is a tropical plant farm, specializing in gingers and cannas.   Rhisomes are shipped bare root, without leaves anywhere in the United States by  USPS Priority Mail.  Minimum order  is $20.   
A.B. & Linda Fields, Owners & Operators
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Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3!
1.  Use PayPal shopping cart or just mail order with your check.  Texas residents add .0625 sales tax   
2.  Our mailing address is 11527 Long Pine Drive, Houston, TX 77077-4218
3.  Please include your phone number in comment section on PayPal so we can call if we have any questions.
You can contact us at 281-496-6652.  Just leave a message or email at  
Starting a Ginger Collection
Many people ask what is the best way to start a ginger collection.   The most fragrant hedychium is Hedychium coronarium "White Butterfly".  Add a pink one, Curcuma petiolata "Hidden Ginger", for the shade and great dependability.  Hedychium Samsheri has ai  beautiful bloomhead.
Hedychium coronarium 
    "White Butterfly".
Curcuma petiolata 
   "Hidden ginger"

Shots from around the farm in summer........  
The gingers you order are growing right now!
Hedychium Samsheri
After a cold winter we are waiting for showy blooms like these!
Gingers coming soon to your home!